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It falls
to darkness, to doubt
moment upon moment,
mile upon mile
It shatters
upon cold stone
in halls of darkness
away from the living world
It sleeps
with dust and ash
a cenotaph
in a secret place
It fades
to a whispered word
to a memory
to a dream
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 2 1
Seven Wonders
Seven Wonders you Raised High,
All Like in Form and Grace,
To Keep your Lightless, Wayward Soul
From Adrasteia's Embrace.
Six Worlds you Held Enslaved within
The Palm of your Cruel Hand
To Serve your Every Whim and Wish,
And the Wages of Time Withstand.
Five Gods you Summoned without Shame,
And Called them to Your Side
To Make your Armies Stand Aright,
And Dispatch them upon the Tide.
Four Stars upon your Crown you Placed-
On that Day you Stood Tall-
Those Shining Gems Above your Brow,
On the Dais in your Golden Hall.
Three Kings by you in Fealty Knealt,
And Felt nor Shame nor Hate,
For Freely their Allegiance Gave
To the Promise of Your Free State.
Two Oaths you Swore upon the Graves
Of Those Whom You Loved Most:
To Unify their Realms and then
For Each Seek Vengence for his Ghost.
One Breath you Took in you that Day
You First Looked on the World,
And From that Perilous First Day
Your Doom to All was then Unfurled.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 1 0
You know that if
    you keep staring
eventually you might find
what you're looking for.
Those eyes always
      seem to see through
Every wall and fence and
veil in my mind.
Somehow you think
I might have changed
In the years that we've
been so far apart.
But they're all there:
    those dark corners
That you hoped you'd
never see again.
You know that if
    you keep staring
eventually you might remember
why you ran away.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 1 0
Idolonores Lubidonis
Īdōlonorēs omnis Lubīdonis Ipsōrum nōs Insoliti appellant
etiam cōram omnibus cum eōdem concinimus
sed cōram nōbis veram effectī nōstrī dē formā aliā dīvīnāmus
Ita intra orbem nōstrum lubīdo eōrum nōn exsistit
Legibus Altiōribus Sanctiōribusque ad aetheri Vincimūr
ut Amorem Virēsque Aequitātisque tuum mē appellēs
et eōs omnēs equidem Gratiae Tuae Ipsi sim
Dum Gemmae Caeli super Orbi Terrae ardent
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 1
Hymn of the Faded Sun
As they fall, so let them lie-
   the names of all who've come before.
Tossed and scattered across the ages
   til nought but Wind and Stars remain
   and in their Secret Tongues lament
   the End of every Glory and Hope.
Sun and Rain of wayward years
   the Word and Will of Kings shall raze
and at the Fall the Stones shall sing
   of Crowns and Covenants long forsaken
   and Ancient Gods upon the Heights
   to which they still remain enslaved.
Rivers and Roads their Masters await,
   their voices sounding in hallowed hills,
Calling to Days and Deeds long laid waste
   and the Moon above a Younger World
   when the Water spoke and the Forest walked
   and the World still lived and breathed.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 1
Hymn of the Broken Soul
This Drop of Shadow, That Shade of Rain,
The Scent of Sunlight, Rich and Sweet,
Such are the Words in our Book of Days
The Song Unsounded in the Hollow Hills,
That waits for a Time Never to Come,
Such are the Dreams that Haunt our Souls
A Tearful Kiss that was Never Given,
Beyond the Veils that Part the Worlds,
Such are the Wounds that Rend our Hearts
The Broken Images and Shattered Glass,
Scattered through the Autumn Leaves,
Such are the Flames held in our Minds
Dare we to Breathe, Dare we to Sing?
Dare we to Kiss, or to Ever ask Why?
The Days are Numbered, just as the Stars,
And Everything has a Price.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 3 0
The Way Between
The deepest waters yield no truth,
Nor temperance form on trust bestow-
For all the secrets in this world
Yet ne'er have masked the pain below.
Named you have the nameless seas,
And called into the breathless night,
And counted full the ancient stars,
And felt the storm in all its might.
The path you wander shifts and strays,
Your dark and lonely way unfolds,
But still your weary, wayward feet
March on to what your future holds.
Bright sky above, strong earth below,
You taste and breathe the living world,
And yet know not for what you live,
Your dreams in darkness closely furled.
But sing unhindered the blesséd song
That first brought peace into your mind
And eased the deepened shades of night,
That by the fates your way you'll find.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 0
Each to Other
Within the question nameless spoken
Stands the quiet truth of peace-
To hold the sight that pierces time
and will, with time, the pain release.
Days ill have taken dreadful toll
Upon our twinéd spirits strong
And stolen what was dear to us,
For each to other ought belong.
But sing to me of your bright stars
And still me with your wond'rous heart
We'll seize what time were lent to us
That such dark hours may us not part.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 1 1
Inwards Fall
You don't really need me, after all;
This whole thing is just a game,
Shakespeare's plot to keep us both amused.
...Heaven. It's our Heaven.
There's no look in your eyes
To speak your true feelings,
You'd rather keep us both guessing:
Curiosity killed the cat, you know.
But I'm no cat, and you're no mouse,
And we have beating hearts
And maybe we're both just a little tired.
And maybe a little Hell would do us good.
What would happen if we would just let go?
Let the stars work their wayward magic,
Find out what the love songs are really about.
Fallen Angels.  How ironic.
Do you want to forget heaven?  Just for a moment?
Take those damned responsibilities,
And cast them away like faded newspapers?
For a short while, feel what it's like... to fall?
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 0
We, Together
It's the path, the trail, the wandering way
That begins where the known road ends:
Silent and solemn and sacred it winds
To the grove where the soul begins.
Let us cast the circle and raise the call
In this place where the three realms meet
With the Air and Fire and Water around
And the Earth beneath our feet
Together we come to honor our Gods,
To hold up our heads to the sky,
And sing with such joy as ever was heard
In the days of our elders gone by.
Forget we not the Spirits of old,
Or the lore in our blood and mind-
For from these we come and to them return,
And reap what we've sewn in kind.
So let us dance here beneath the stars,
Each joinéd hand in hand,
For joy to find and solace to seek-
Completed together we stand...
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 1 0
Messe v3 by TriplePhoenix Messe v3 :icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 0
Secret Light
Turn over the dream and see what sleeps
beneath the broken soul, the cage
that inward heaven held
for ages cursed and countless, without cause---
There behold the silent hope,
the dream beneath the dreaming form,
who knows of all that has been before
and indeed of all that e'er shall be.
Wake her at your peril, ever softly
tread the secret world
that is her prison dearly bought,
for her glory will spare no fool.
Love you'll take, or else you'll fall
into the void within her eyes
the abyss that keeps the hidden world
between the lines of day and night.
Bring her out and yield her up
and wisdom she will share with you
beyond what mortal thought could know:
the visions of the sleeping dream.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 1
A Shadow, and a Wall
The light gushes forth,
water from a bruised and broken lake
to drown us, you and I,
here in our nakedness, with the world watching
The river holds us,
fills us up and fills us in
rounding every corner, every curve
like a street racer on fresh pavement
or a locomotive on tracks
Still we stand, you and I,
too scared to swim and too proud to drown,
but no light is gonna tear us apart
See, we sold our clothes
we just had to buy each other-
it made more sense than paying rent
We'll just watch the wall,
it's behind us, it can't feel a thing
it's never spoken, never moved,
it can't be alive.
The waves on the wall,
the mirror of us in rare form
it's just a shadow, that's all
Where the light doesn't go,
perhaps because it's afraid.
or perhaps it just knows better.
Though I must admit, our shadow and that light
make that wall behind us look almost alive.
Or did I just imagine that the wall... did it move?
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 1
Sing to Me
Sit me down and sing to me
a song of when the World was green
and sunlight glittered fair and free
in eyes of ageless King and Queen.
Sing to me a lay of when
the Sea and Sky to Heaven called
before the Earth was closed within
these mighty ramparts iron-walled.
Tell me tales of great deeds done
Battles before the dawn of time
Of truth and justice fairly won
And still untainted mirthful rhyme.
Recount thou here that epic quest
Where death and tears were never vain
And victory made no request
for loathsome or unrighteous gain.
Myth and legend yield wherefore
that light and love are great no less
for being fabled tales of lore
that still the mind and heart may bless.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 1 5
To Fall
To Fall, to Fade, to Slip Away
To Yield a proud and voiceless soul,
To Fear, to Flee, to Stop the Day
Behind the darkling stars to shoal.
To seem less empty, wan, and dry,
To fill the void with endless night,
To tear the Sun out from the Sky,
And turn to dark the demon-light.
To cling unto the Book of Years,
To know that truth in darkness lies,
To wash the world with all my tears,
Behold the cure that blindness buys
To Weep, to Want, to Feel the Flame
To Give the World away and Run
To Make the Nations feel my Shame
And birth and blood bereaved to shun.
To call the night, the strength, the will,
To ride the roaring waves beyond,
To shout until the stars lie still,
Break asunder the sacred bond.
To cast aside the grief and fear,
To read the verses on the stone,
To send a storm through ether-sphere
And drink the lifespring from it thrown.
To Breathe, to Be, to Hold the Stars,
To Feel the Fire within your Palm,
To Bear the Blessed Burning Scars,
Beyond the Tempest feel the Calm.
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 0 0
The Fall of Zion
Broken veil of silence as a curtain in the autumn breeze-
The word long feared and vainly sought that gives a violent requiem,
Whispering leaves passing plots along unto the Angels' ears,
The very stars stand hushed and still when to the dreadful tempest fall
The sun and moon, heralds of time, exiled by the Nameless One.
Let your soul, let your soul, let your soul so it may send
a crimson sea upon the face of all the ageless things so dear,
and give to Death a warrant that nor love nor temperance can refute
for the rape and ravishing of the wondrous pillared halls of Zion,
spilling out upon the world and quenching the Eternal Flame.
Look into my eyes and see the void between the sundered years
Where light falls dark and life becomes the end of all these ages that
have failed their promises and yet still stand as idols for the Nations-
Stones and strings to build upon and praise as pure and holy things,
and yet have little more to say than statues on the gable laid.
Yield your voice, yi
:icontriplephoenix:TriplePhoenix 1 0


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